Tuesday, May 19, 2015

summer simple

Articles of Society 'Sarah' Skinny Jeans
While I don't consider myself a minimalist in the least, I absolutely love the look of simpler outfits, clean lines, and outfits that just look like they came together naturally. I've been working on having a cohesive closet for years now. I used to just own a bunch of clothes that didn't really go together, and over the years I've figured out what works for me and my closet, and how I can mix and match the pieces with each other. It's definitely a longer process (something I'm hoping to write about within the next month! yay free time :D), but one of the biggest things for me so far has been keeping a wish list.

One of the things I do to stay on track with my purchases and making sure I don't just spend money on a bunch of things that don't work with my closet is keeping a list of items I'd like to add. It used to be much longer, but over the past several years I've checked things off the list - items like the perfect white t-shirt, a classic wrap dress, Hunter boots that fit my calves, and a jean jacket. One of those items has been a pair of white jeans. I had a pair I bought a few summers ago, but they are now too big on me so I sold them. When given the chance to try out a few pairs from Nordstrom, it really was perfect timing. I LOVE how white jeans look on others, but wasn't so sure how my thighs would look in them. I tried on several pairs in a bunch of different price ranges and styles - from legging styles to almost $200 styles. This pair from Articles of Society was by far my favorite and the best part was that they cost under $55 - goes to show you that the most expensive isn't always the best. They fit true to size, aren't see through (with the proper undergarments of course), and have a long enough inseam. I'm so excited to wear these this summer!
madewell transport tote
Jeans: Articles of Society c/o Nordstrom [exact]
Blouse: Loft [similar]
Belt: Gap [similar]
Tote: Madewell [save | exact]
Shoes: Madewell [save | exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [save | exact]
Below are a few more easy summer pieces that can easily be mix and matched. My absolute favorite is the olive shirt dress that mayyyyyyy be sitting in my cart...
one | two | three [on sale] | four
five | six | seven [LOVE] | eight
nine | ten | eleven | twelve [a little pricy but sooo pretty]

This is the last post I'll have for the week - my board exam is Thursday and then there are several days of celebrating and weddings - follow along on instagram and snapchat (fhasselhof)! See you next week!

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Sunday, May 17, 2015

top three [05.17.2015]

my cognac wedges are my favorite spring purchase: one | two | three
  • I mentioned a few weeks ago about external signs like clubbing that can point towards internal dysfunction (in that case, respiratory problems). Another one of these signs is the Trousseau sign of malignancy - it appears as vessel inflammation due to a clot that is often due to underlying pancreatic carcinoma. In sad irony, the man who discovered this sign, Armand Trousseau ended up diagnosing himself with this sign later in his life, and died shortly after of pancreatic cancer.
  • The anatomical snuff box is on the back of your hand (diagram here) and is named this because it used to be (and still is....oh college) used as a surface for sniffing powdered tobacco. 
  • Because the first two years of medical school are all about the books and not about seeing actual patients, I think it's really easy for first and second year students to just memorize the facts about the disease rather than thinking about how it affects patients. For example, I know the cause and symptoms of Fabry disease, but I never really think about how this actually affects people. My friend Caitlin shared this video about Fabry's with me yesterday (one of her study tricks is that if she can't remember a disease, she watches a video about it so she has some kind of connection to the disease) and I think it really drove home the fact that diseases aren't just facts to memorize, but have life changing effects on whole families.

on the internet

  • The first wedding of the summer is next Saturday - I'm wearing this pretty black number, along with the world's softest clutch (now I just have to decide on shoes!). Rumor has it there's an open bar ;)
  • How amazing is this sunburst mirror? Just a tiiiiiinnnny bit out of our decorating price range though. 
  • Moccasins have always been my favorite kind of shoe - the top details of this Coach pair is so beautiful! Where you at, fall? :P

on franish

notable sales

  • I'm thinking about getting a fitbit for rotations - I think it'll be fun to see how much I'm on my feet! I'm thinking about getting the charge since it also includes a watch, which will definitely come in handy. Anyone have any experience with it, or have other recommendations? I'm definitely open to suggestions!
  • I'm officially more than half done with invisalign! Only 20ish so weeks to go. Here's a progress picture. Next up after they are all straight? Whitening and then getting my fake front left (right in the picture) tooth fixed so it's even :)
  • Thursday is the day! The only thing that stands between me and freedom is 400 questions. There is so much to look forward to afterwards - drinks, a haircut, a rehearsal dinner, a wedding, celebrations once my friends are done with their test too, the big move, my family coming, IKEA, setting up our house, and then my first rotation (family med)! I'm seriously just living right now for the moment I walk out of the testing center. Cross your fingers for me please :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

good bye, second year!

black shirt dress with cognac accessories
Yesterday was our last day of school! 

Technically we aren't done with second year yet (hello, boards!), but we are officially done with classroom work...forever! That's a pretty crazy thought. Besides the two years I worked between undergrad and med school, I've been in a classroom for 21 years. I love school - I think you kinda have to to go to graduate school. I love the office supplies, I love the learning, I love being stuck with a bunch of people who start out as strangers and become best friends. Although I bitch about sitting at the library for 12+ hours a day, I love just having control over my time, with headphones blasting and coffee in hand. 

It's hard to even quantify how much we've learned in the last two years. I was discussing that with my friend Neel the other day, who mentioned that he was looking through our old anatomy lab guide (from our first class in med school two years ago) and how he had to write in what cyanosis meant. Now that vocabulary, and the concepts behind it, are almost second nature to us. There is SO SO SO much left for us to learn, not only in the second half of school, but throughout our career, but it's really crazy to think about how much we've learned. I always tell people when they ask about how hard medical is, is that this isn't hard - the concepts aren't difficult, you just have to know everything about everything. 

Throughout the past two years, there have been doubts, breakdowns, and tears. I think that's just a part of the process. I'm so thankful for my closest girlfriends, CR, and my parents, for talking me through those difficult times, going on walks when it was time to get some air, and just giving me a hug because I needed it. I was told in the past that I wouldn't be able to handle the first two years of medical school, and I now love that I've proven that statement to be wrong. I'm also glad I only keep supportive people in my life now ;)

Thank you to all of your for your support these last two years. It really means the world to me! 
MICHAEL Michael Kors Jet Set Cross Body Bag
Dress: Old Navy
Cardigan: J.Crew Factory 
Bag: Michael Kors c/o Shopbop [exact]
Shoes: Madewell [exact]
Belt: Gap [similar]
My dress is currently sold out at Old Navy, but they have so many cute dresses right now. If you are looking for an inexpensive summer party dress, this one is adorable, available in 8 patterns in talls/petites, AND is on sale! This polka dot number is my absolute favorite even though I'm not sure I could pull it off. Thoughts?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

summer inspiration: party dresses + wedge espadrilles [+ a shopbop giveaway]

one | two | three | four
This coming summer we have four weddings we are going to, and well as several other parties. I'm really looking forward to spending more time with CR's family, as well as having an excuse to wear some of the pretty dresses just waiting in my closet. I'm not really a high heels kinda girl, so I LOVE that wedges and espadrilles are very much in right now. When Shopbop asked me to share some of their newest items, their pretty party dresses [here are some of their options] and wedge espadrilles [found here] were at the top of my list.

Norma Kamali  | Yumi Kim [seriously, all their dresses are gorgeous!]  | J.O.A
soludos | sam edelman [my favorites] | michael kors

I've been working with Shopbop for about six months now, and to celebrate, we've teamed up to give one of you guys a $50 giftcard. All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below and tell me what you'd use it for. I personally would look into getting one of these flattering swimsuits - you can never go wrong with black ;)

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Monday, May 11, 2015


black midi skirt with a striped top
If you've been following this blog for any period of time at all, you will have noticed that I tend to stick to a three looks. Ankle pants + blouse. Pencil skirt + tee. Fit and flare dress, belted. Mix in a few blazers, cardigans, and sweaters, and that's what I wear. I'm very picky about how things look on my body, which is why I don't really branch out from what I know works on me. There are so many things I'd love to look good on me - slouchy tops with skinny jeans. Off the shoulder dresses. Strapless anyything. But I hate being uncomfortable and I don't want look broader/bigger than I am, so I stick with my outfit formulas that work.

That being said, I've really tried over the last year just to branch out a little bit. I don't always want to stick to my "rules", which is why I kept this skirt after trying it earlier this year. I was a bit hesitant because I thought it gave me a weird hip shelf, and I didn't want it to cut me off weird, and what do you even wear with it?

But you know what? I looooooooooove it. I'm seriously in love with this skirt. Is a mid-length circle skirt really ground breaking? Nope. But for a girl who is very set in her sartorial ways, it was kind of exciting to try something new.

Plus it's fun to twirl in too :)
banana republic Black Midi Skirt
black midi skirt with stripes and cognac
Tee: Ann Taylor [similar]
Skirt: Banana Republic [exact - more options below]
Necklace: Forever 21 [gorgeous similar]
Belt: Gap [very similar]
Bracelet: gift from my friend Lizzi [similar on sale]
Shoes: Frye [exact on sale]
Lipstick: Nars [exact in Roman Holiday]
frye carson wedge
and because my skirt is only left in a few sizes, here are eight fun options:
one | two | three | four

P.S. one of my all time favorite outfits of Bri's is this one, and I apparently felt it was time to copy it. It's like she gets me ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2015

top three [05.10.2015]

madewell transport tote
my madewell transport tote is probably the most photographed thing on this blog [inexpensive alternative here!]

  • My favorite muscle is the serratus anterior. It's a saw-shaped muscle on the side of your rib cage that helps stabilize your scapula. If its nerve becomes injured, you end up with a winged scapula - here's a short video showing one! Second favorite muscle? The extensor digiti minimi (just because it's fun to say)!
  • I generally have a favorite tumor pathology for each body system - I'm still considering pathology as a future specialty, so it only makes sense to enjoy the pictures! Meningiomas are my favorite neuro tumor - they're so pretty! While they cause a variety of symptoms based on where they are located, most are luckily benign. 
  • An absence seizure, or a "petit mal" as they are also called, is a seizure that results in brief losses of consciousness. Many times it arises in children, and characteristically is described as the kid sometimes having a blank stare. This video is great example of what they look like.

on the internet
  • These style posts are my absolute favorite on the entire internet
  • If I ever try a jumpsuit, I hope I look even half as good as Jo does (ps. go wish her a happy birthday! #30flirtyandthriving)
  • You guys are all already following Kimi, right? She's so dang cute, I want all of her clothes! This week's outfits were some of my favorites of hers!

  • If I could get myself anything as a post-board present, it would be this Chloe bag (in anenome pink *hearteyes*). But a purse worth more than my first car is probably not the wisest financial situation at this point in my life... 
  • If you follow along on snapchat (@fhasselhof) you know that I'm slowly turning into one of those annoying people obsessed with their cat (and while Lucy is technically CR's cat, I claim her as my own). Does that mean it's okay if I buy this skirt? Does that make me a card-carrying member of the cat lady society?  [Cats not your style? I think we can all agree that this skirt is absolutely beautiful, and no cats are involved ;)  ]
  • It's time to jump on the Birks wagon. I KNOW, WHO AM I?! But I've been slowly liking them more and more, and I've had a credit to Modcloth for seriously years that I haven't used, so...it's happening. Do we prefer the black 3 strap, or the classic style in this pretty salmon pink or this fun silver? My only rule is no white - those will always remind me of my German grandmother. I'm leaning towards silver just because I love Grace's gold pair

on franish
  • on the blog: thoughts on dress pants (THANK YOU for all of your suggestions!)
  • on the instagram: my house hunting outfit that was comfy and cute (my sandals are from Target and actually really comfortable!)
  • on the twitter: the oh so hard life of full time blogging? I'm only bitter because I had spent 14 hours at the library that day.

notable sales

  • We have a place to live!!! CR and I drove down on Monday to look at houses for our move at the end of the month. The place we found is perfect - it has a fenced in yard, 3 bedrooms, a garage, and laundry. I'm so excited for us to finally have a place that is ours! 
  • The stress acne is here in full force and it is killing me slowly. I finally broke down and ordered this acne set from Paula's Choice and I'm really hoping it'll clear this mess up swiftly. I'm 27 - this shouldn't still be an issue!!! 
  • Have you heard the new Mumford and Sons CD? I was nervous at first that they were going to change everything I loved about them, but I can't get enough of their music. I reallllllllly hope they will be doing a show somewhere near me in the coming year.
Happy Mothers Day to the best mom out there. I love you!

Thursday, May 7, 2015


spring date outfit: striped dress with jean jacket Today our school had us take two practice exams in a row, to simulate the actual test day. Since our exam is exactly two weeks from today (eek!), it was good to get the experience of doing 400 questions in one day, but it was soooo tiring. All I wanted to do afterwards was sleep (...and drink). Instead we went and played at the dog park (it was so beautiful out!), got iced coffees, and then CR and I went out for a quick dinner...before sitting back at our desks to look over all the things we didn't know earlier today.

I stopped by Kohl's the other day to return a few items that didn't work out for me (this maxi was too short on me, unfortunately), when I saw a few pieces of the Milly collection left on the racks, so of course I had to get that striped dress I mentioned. I just think it's so cute! It's a nice and light weight, which makes it perfect both for quick nights out or as a cover up later this summer. It does run on the shorter end of what I prefer for dresses, but sometimes you need just to show a little thigh ;)
MILLY for DesigNation Striped T-Shirt Dress
Paige Denim 'Heidi' Classic Denim Jacket
Kendra Scott 'Owen' Stone Ring; Michael Kors Large Runway Watch
Dress: c/o Kohls [exact]
Jacket: Paige c/o Nordstrom [similar]
Bag: Madewell [save | exact]
Shoes: Banana Republic [exact]
Belt: Gap [very similar]
Watch: Michael Kors [exact]
Ring: Kendra Scott c/o Nordstrom [exact]