Saturday, December 15, 2012


Yesterday morning I was running a little early so I stopped at Starbucks before work...and was so annoyed that it took 10 minutes to make me a simple iced drink. It feels so stupid now to think that the worst part of my day was having to wait for a stupid drink while small children were being killed in cold blood. It all seems so frivolous - the coffee drinks, the taking pictures of what I wore, the typing of what I wore, while there are parents who lost their babies that day for no reason. My heart aches for them, and I hope this forces our country to work on the diagnosing and treating of mental illness.

I was unsure how if I should even bring this up on my blog. Fashion blogging is about escape and inspiration and fun, and the horrible events that happened in Connecticut are none of those... but those little children and their teachers have been on my mind all day as I'm sure they've been on yours, so even though we will continue to live our lives and hold those we love closer, I couldn't not acknowledge their tragic and untimely deaths.

here's what I wore yesterday.

frivolous, I know.

Blazer: Old Navy  {save / splurge}
Shirt: Gap
Scarf: H&M  {similar}
Jeans: Urban Outfitters  {exact}
Shoes: Tory Burch  {exact}
Watch: Fossil  {very similar}
Bracelet: Tiffany & Co.  {exact}


  1. Saw what happened in the news yesterday,it is so heartbreaking!

    Your jacket is really cool!Red fits you very well.


  2. I still have trouble finding the words to talk about what happened yesterday, but thank you for this post.

  3. Tragedy happens everyday in every form. It is less likely that we hear about it than, in the case of the Connecticut school, if it has made national news. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes a needless, senseless event to open our hearts to stop everyday and be grateful for the life and blessings we have. Thank you for writing about this and acknowledging the grief that comes from it, even afar. Allow yourself the frivolity of blogging to connect with others, it matters.

  4. Honey you look great and I always have to think that i'm spoiled and stupid over the things I complain about when people around the globe have real problems. My clothes are old but people out there have no clothes. My dinner takes too long but others are starving. And on and on!
    Yesterday I haven't been that depressed since Trayvon Martin died. I am an Aunt of 8 nephews and 1 niece so when things happen to children it really hurts. To think that someone could go to their school and kill them. Or kill them while they walk home from the store. It just kills me inside and reminds me why I find children's rights so important.


  5. Very well said. Thank you.

    And this outfit is gorgeous.

  6. Feeling so much sorrow for the families and community of Newtown. So glad you addressed it in a sensitive way. It feels so odd to move forward without mentioning it.

    And yes, fashion blogging is frivolous, but the community it creates (sometimes!) certainly isn't. So, there's that.

  7. Thank you for this post. I tend to overthink about life being 'too good' and constantly fear the worst but I think it is good to have balance. There is nothing wrong with being annoyed when something takes longer than you might like, it's human nature, but what happened yesterday definitely shocked me and made me hold my loved ones that little bit closer for sure. I don't know what else to say about's just so awful. Being a new arrival to America it shocks me that there have been two of these incidents in a week. I can't fathom it.

  8. I adore your outfit today - you really stand out and pop against the background.

    I think I am still in shock over the events that took place in CT - it hasn't sunk in for part of me yet because I can't imagine that something like that would truly happen here. My heart goes out to everyone affected.

  9. Franny, can I just say (first) that I love this outfit? I know that we, as style bloggers, can be pretty frivolous and superficial sometimes, but seriously. This outfit is awesome. And I totally bought a pair of black cigarette pants after seeing how awesome they look you. (I'm just copying you all the time)

    As a teacher, it saddens me beyond belief that this would/could happen in a classroom. I sincerely cannot put into words how I feel and how it breaks my heart that such evil exists in the world. Events like this affirms my commitment to teaching and to my students, but it scares me. It shouldn't. Thank you for posting about it--I don't know what I should say...or can say.

  10. i was shocked to hear as well and cried as i watched our president wipe away his tears. we have to do our best to remember the stories of the young victims and forget the sick mind that caused such anguish. he may have been mentally ill and i feel bad for that, but it still doesn't rectify anything.

    as for your outfit, it's great! the bright red would make me happy to see you and make you a coffee drink faster. the whole silhouette is very streamlined and feminine and perf for work. thanks for your feedback on my jealousy post. it's really hard in our social circles not to feel that way pretty much about everything. i am always rooting for you! i remember not telling one of my best friends in college that i got in because i was afraid to hurt her feelings. i didn't celebrate on fb like the pre-grads did when they got in. it's hard to live your life without being a butthole in premed/medschool land and i try to share the little moments that make it nicer. if i ever start sounding like a braggart you let me know, okay? you're the best lab-coated blogger fashionista i know :)

  11. This is such a great outfit. I have a good friend who lives one mile from the school. My heart goes out to everyone to.

  12. Ugh I know what you mean. It just seems silly to talk about clothes when there are greater problems out there. But your post is nice and heartfelt without being too "OMG I'M SO SAD ABOUT 9/11 I MADE BAGELS, LOOK AT ME ME ME"

    Love the outfit though!

  13. I really like that scarf against that great red blazer!

  14. LOVE this outfit! you look adorable!!! :) I was like oh I want to wear this tomorrow but then I remembered I do not have an awesome blazer like that!

  15. I totally understand that feeling, it was such a tragic and heartbreaking day and I can't imagine the pain those families are experiencing :( Continuing to do things you enjoy isn't trivial though, it's what makes our lives worth living - don't feel guilty for still participating in something that's about the positives and beauty in life.

  16. Love the red/leopard combo. Tres chic, girl!

    xo Taylor
    The Wearist


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