Monday, February 11, 2013

this ol' thing?

olive dress, dark cardigan
Last week Jessica from Here & Now (did you read her Behind the Blog?) wrote about how she often buys a new dress for every occasion instead of trying to re-wear the dresses for different events. I can totally relate because I too have a closet full of dresses that have only been worn once. Since the occasion to wear them are few and far between, I always use it an excuse to buy a new dress. I got this dress last year for my friends Kayla and Craig's wedding, but haven't worn it since. I figured that Kimmie's "Oh, This Old Thing?" link-up would be the perfect opportunity to re-wear it. It may not be the oldest thing in my closet (I think that "honor" goes to my tan belt that I think is from Aeropostale...but that hasn't been verified), but it is something that hasn't been out of my closet more than once. Make sure you link up with her and see what everyone else dug up!

Nicole boots
Can we talk about my new boots? I know, quick turn around. When I was on my way to the UPS store to ship the rubber leather boots back, I decided to stop by at DSW. These boots were the first thing I tried on, and even though I paid full DSW price for them, I'm really excited about them. They remind me a lot of these Frye boots, but for a third of the price. I forgot how much I hate breaking in boots (my poor toes), but I think they'll be perfect in just a few wears.

Dress: Banana Republic  {save | splurge}
Cardigan: Old Navy  {similar}
Tights: Target  {exact}
Boots: Nicole via DSW  {exact}
Scarf: Scarf Obsession giveaway win from SOML
Necklace: locally made
Watch: Kate Spade  {exact}

ugh, my hair looks terrible! I promise it was cute before I had to wear a hairnet for an hour and then stood in what seemed like a wind tunnel for these pictures.


Tights for TOPIO. Oh man, really breaking the creativity bank. I tried to wear the dress as a shirt but there was just too much material. hmph.

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  1. You know...I do have a few dresses in my closet that I just haven't worn. They're pretty and I don't want to get rid of them "just in case," but they were total special occasion dresses. I'm really trying to curb that extra unnecessary spending, so it would be silly not to take some of those cute dresses out for a spin, right?
    I love how you paired the olive with black--I think you gave me an idea about how to wear my olive dress I've got hanging somewhere in the depths of my closet. :)

  2. Ugh don't remind me of my "special occasion" dresses that have been worn once and never again. I need to try to wear those more as well!

    Did you take these after work then? because you said you didn't like the ones you took in the morning? I'm so jelly that it's still so light out. I love how crisp your photos look with your new lens!

    And.... are those bare nails I see? Or a nude polish? because you are the queen of cute nail art nails so it's just a little surprising. I mean, no judgement here because my nails are bare like, 90% of the time...

    Super cute outfit and I love how you "casualized" (um okay I don't know what other word to use) the dress with the cardigan and boots. thanks for linking up!!!!

  3. Honestly, boots are such a touchy subject for me, I'd probably buy a pair full price if I found that "perfect pair". Yours are cute!

    And I hate that I have probably over a dozen dresses in my closet and only 3 or 4 of which I feel I can wear regularly. Two or three are extra short, two or three are extra dressy and a few are just way too summery for any time other than summer. I try so desperately hard to remix the dresses in my closet that rarely get worn, but it's just tough!

    Anyway. I'm rambling. All I really needed to say was, I love Fran in a dress. All day, every day. <3

  4. I'm guilty of buying a dress right after Christmas (b/c it was on mega clearance though!) and I justified it by telling myself we have a wedding coming up that it'll be perfect November. It's going to take a serious amount of willpower to not buy another one that's "perfect"!

    Great find on those boots by the way. It's always so frustrating to find something you really need!

    Jess - J's Style

  5. That is such a cute dress! I do have a dress like that in my closet (bought for my graduation) that always makes me feel ridiculously overdressed... I really should figure out more way to dress it down.

    I've been looking for the perfect pair of brown boots too, so I'm totally jealous of your find.

  6. Olive is a favorite color of mine, and I really like this! Checking out the boots now...

  7. i swear.. everytime i see you, you always have the best scarves ever!!!! :D another win for this outfit! :D

    Click me for my NEW BLOG

  8. Love the way you've worn that dress! Great way to re-wear it. And those boots are awesome! Great find :)

  9. LOVE LOVE the boots. And the dress, of course. I'll be re-wearing my Christmas dress (that I also wore for New Years) on our Valentine's date this Friday. It's getting lots of love.

  10. awesome find on the boots!

    i usually don't wear dresses to work because i get cold. and then i have to wear tights and just feel like i always wear the with it.

  11. Yay! Glad you found some boots! I bought a pair of boots at DSW for around $150 (or maybe more...gah!) but I had been looking for a pair of black boots for forever. Sometimes you just gotta pay full price.
    I also love the color of your dress and it goes so well with your scarf! You should definitely wear it more often!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  12. That dress is super cute! I love this mix of earth tones - my favorite! :-)

  13. I love GREEN and I love this outfit on YOU! When it comes to special occasion dresses, I tend to opt to very simple colors; so that I can wear them different times ( or so I say) lol. I do feel you on that! I have a TON of non-useful dresses.. ie: "Vegas Wear" lol. hahaha

  14. Love your boots and they look super cute with the olive green dress! I hate buying dresses for weddings and never being able to wear them again! It's awesome how you gave this dress a more casual spin and were able to wear it again!

  15. I love how you made this dress more casual with the scarf! I tend to rewear my "wedding" dresses to work with a cardigan but I rarely buy anything that is too fancy to wear to work :)

  16. I have so many dresses because I also want a new dress for events. I tell my husband, "I can't wear that dress again, there are pictures of me in it already!" and he asks if I have a reality show he is unaware of. I love this dress and that you were able to rewear it, not to mention those boots are great!

  17. I have a lot of "special occasion" dresses that I really didn't wear too often. However, now that I have to work more events for my job, they're finally seeing the light of day again!

    The Glossy Life

  18. I am so horrible about purchasing dresses for one occasion. I need to try in put them into my work wardrobe rotation!

    Fizz and Frosting

  19. I'm so happy you check DSW out for new boots and find a pair. I haven't brought a new dress in a long time. I have worn the same evening dress to 2 weddings and a Christmas party.

  20. It was really windy here yesterday too. I felt like I was going to blow away, ha ha! I love the olive green dress and how you paired it with other neutrals. Glad you lucked out and found your boots :) Heather

  21. I find it so hard to rewear occasion dresses - but I love how you styled this one! And those boots are great - I'm definitely going to have to make a quick trip to DSW soon - my camel boots bit the dust big time and I'm missing them dearly!

  22. I love those boots! I actually have the frye campus and sometimes find them hard to get on over pants, so the fact that yours have a zipper along the side is awesome. And I love the way your dressed down that dress - maybe you should pass it on for tomorrow and wear it a different way, that would be a real challenge! :)

  23. I used to want a new dress to wear for every occasion (even if it was just a vintage dress), and that's how I ended up with about 30 dresses in my closet! So the past year I've been trying to be better about re-wearing my favorites. I suppose that means I should go through my closet and get rid of the ones I never wear, but, well, one step at a time :)

    Also, those boots are fabulous! Totally worth full price.

  24. I love the color combo on you and the outfit looks very stylish and put together!(look#1 med school)Love the boots!(DSW is always such a temptation,like mother like daughter!)Hugs mom

  25. I too am guilty of now rewearing special event dresses. I really love your new boots, they are such a great color and will go with so much.

  26. I have so many 'special occasion' pieces that have never seen the light of day more than once. On the flipside, I have a couple of dresses that have been worn to at least five big events. It's those pieces I know are true winners to keep for my hypothetical daughter, haha!

    I love this outfit, you look great in olive green x

  27. Love those boots!! The leather is so pretty, they look so high end! Need a DSW where I live.

  28. I used to buy a new dress for every occasion too! Then I realized "I only wear it once and then it sits in my closet for X years."

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    favorite shorts from AERO when you were 22? As long as they fit and still look good, no one has to know how long you've kept them. The older the better. Just goes to show that clothes back then were probably made with better quality and craftsmanship then than they do now because now some of my favorite pieces are falling apart after a few wears and washes in between.

  29. Oooh! I love how you made such a special and fancy dress look incredibly wearable :) Great idea. I love that color, too. Looks great!!

  30. Cute outfit! I love how you mixed black and brown.


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