Monday, January 27, 2014

my ideal valentine's day date

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In my opinion, every day should be Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day should be every day. I don't think that we should pour all of our romantic energy into one day, but that it should be spread throughout the year. Are you dying of cheese overload yet? But really, it's true.

With Winter's Tale coming out this February 14th, I was asked to describe my ideal Valentine's Day date. Winter's Tale is a love story crossing centuries, and includes Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, and Russell Crowe. This trailer will give you a better idea of what this is all about (how good looking is Colin?!):

So my ideal Valentine's Day would include not dying of tuberculosis, but I feel that's a given ;)

In reality (and this century), I would love to spend the evening going on a walk in the snow with my dogs, cooking a homemade meal together, watching a romantic comedy, and then cuddling up to read a good book (maybe even the book that Winter's Tale is based on!). No muss, no fuss, no big shows of once-a-year love - just enjoying each other's company while taking a break from studying all day.

What's your ideal Valentine's Day date? If you're still making them, keep Winter's Tale in mind - it's got a little bit of something for everyone :)

To see more stills from the film, and see a few of my favorite Valentine's Day pins, visit my Pinterest board here!

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  1. Looks like a great love story movie

  2. I love getting all into the cheesy love stories at the movies, but am very thankful that my "love story" is completely different. No TB and scorned love across the centuries, thankyouverymuch ;)

  3. My boyfriend and I always skip Valentine's Day! It just feels like such a forced holiday, so we just exchange cards. (Note: Dan's birthday is February 17th, so it also helps save money to skip the holiday given we'd rather spend it celebrating that occasion.)

    But if I were to describe my ideal romantic date? It would probably be a relaxed dinner out, not too fancy, just someplace we can indulge in a multi-course meal (split an appetizer, dessert), has a good beer list for Dan and a decent wine list for me, and not too much background noise so we can actuall converse and talk. Then we'd go home and watch HBO GO on the sofa with the cats. LOL, we're so romantic! But that date would make me super happy.

  4. While romantic comedies are generally way up high on my "Ways to Torture Johanna"-list, Colin Farrell is my favorite actor in the entire world, so I'm guessing I will end up watching this. However, I didn't enjoy the book that much, so we'll see.. if you are looking for a romantic movie starring Colin, I can highly recommend Ondine! One of my fave movies ever :)

    I'll be doing what I have been doing on V-Day since I turned 18: drinking a bottle of my favorite white wine whilst watching a movie with as much punching and exploding, and as little romantic lovey-dovey stuff, as possible.
    (It's clear I win at this day, right?!)

  5. While I am perplexed by Colin Farrell's hair in the above stills, I suppose that shouldn't be a reason not see the movie...

    I've always been pretty ambivalent about Valentine's Day, but Denny and I actually decided to do a dinner/dancing deal at a Chicago Latin restaurant last year, and it was fun! I'm a total creature of habit and hate being pushed out of my comfort zone, but I guess there is something to that relationship advice of doing things that challenge you together.


  6. we always just go out to our favorite hole in the wall indian spot for naan and chicken tikka masala. :)

  7. If you do happen to get tuberculosis and go on a Valentine's Day date... keep in mind that some TB medications can render birth control ineffective. And that is everything I remember from my husband's pharmacology class - just the occasion I was saving that bit of knowledge for, right? HA.

  8. Anything with chocolate and a chick flick is fantastic...but the hubs might think otherwise haha!

  9. I think my ideal valentines day would be similar to yours. Simple and sweet, just spending time doing the things I love with the person I love. Other than that, the only must is chocolate. ;)

  10. This movie is literally our plan for Vday :) It looks so good!

  11. Do you watch Downton Abbey? The first time I saw the preview for this movie, I recognized her voice immediately. I couldn't care less about Colin Farrell, and romantic movies aren't really my thing, but a movie with Lady Sybil... I'd watch that.

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