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AJ Wears Clothes
Beauty and the Beard
Bedknobs and Baubles
Blue Collar Red Lipstick
Camp Patton
Charmingly Styled
In Residence
Lindsay Living
Outfit Posts Blog
Putting Me Together
Sarah's Real Life
The Demure Muse
The Ginger Diaries
The Preppy Leopard
Twenty-Something Simple
Respect the Shoes
Work Clothes, I Suppose
26 and Counting

Dr. Blogger

A Little Bit of Lacquer: Harvard 4th year
Easy Petite Looks: resident
Pretty Shiny Sparkly: anesthesiology resident
Stethoscopes, Style & Grace: EM resident
White Coat Wardrobe: PA
Gaby Molar: future dentist :)
Heart Work: classmate and all around badass


  1. I love that you included a WI bloggers list! I've never read any of their blogs before. I'm adding them to my reader now.

    Hi from GOMI (mostly a lurker).

  2. Stopping by from Latte and a Prayer... Love your WI bloggers list (I didn't even know I was on it!) And thank you for your kind words!!

    PS - Go Pack Go ;)

  3. Thanks so much for the add to the Wisconsin bloggers list. Didn't realize all of the others were out there!

  4. Wow! Being a wisconsinite, so good to find so many wisconsin bloggers here! I will be sure to check them out!

    1. yay! Well I'm not longer technically living in Wisconsin, it's my home always and forever :) Where are you at?

    2. Not sure how I missed Milwaukee home :)

  5. Ah I almost died when I saw your WI bloggers section. We never get any attention! :)

  6. Thanks for the shout out! Love your blog too! :)


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