Holes in my Closet

I've spent years buying whatever caught my eyes in stores and not thinking about how they work with one another. It has lead my closet to be a mishmash of items that don't always go together. My goal for 2013 is to buy pieces that fill those holes - pieces that I take my time buying so I have exactly what I want and that fit well. I hope that by writing it down here, I stick to my list while also sticking to my budget. I don't plan on buying all of these times in this year, or maybe even ever, but I think having a little bit of a plan is better than nothing at all.


+ Nude Heels
+ Black Close Toed Pumps: filled
+ Dark Brown Riding Boots: filled
+ Hunter Rain Boots: filled
+ White Tennies
+ nude flats: filled
+ Mary Jane heels
+ Cognac flats


+ Pencil Skirts 
+ Dark Wash Boot Cut Jeans
+ Coral Shorts
+ Jean Shorts: filled
+ Black Skinny Jeans: filled
+ Dark distressed skinny jeans
+ Olive Skinny Jeans
+ White Jeans

+ Black Blazer
     Casual: filled
+ Tan Sweater
+ Perfect White Tee: filled
+ Red Sweater: filled
+ Maroon Cardigan
+ Blue Long Sleeved Tee with thin white stripes
+ White Long Sleeved Tee with thin black stripes
+ White Tee with thin black stripes
+ Tweed Blazer
+ Camel Blazer
+ Camel Cardigan
+ Leather Jacket
+ White button up 
+ Military Olive Shirt: filled
+ Cream Wrap Sweater
+ Black V-Neck Sweater
+ Chambray Popover: filled
+ Black/White geometric blouse: filled

+ maxi dress - black, long enough, v-neck
+ black t-shirt dress


+ Cognac Belt: filled
+ Black Leather Belt, Gold Buckle
+ Aviators
+ Turquoise Ring
+ Metal Belt
+ Floral Scarf: filled

Ultimate Dream Pieces
+ Burberry Trench Coat
+ DvF Wrap Dress
+ J.Crew Etta Cap Toed Pumps
+ Chanel Jumbo Flap
+ Mulberry Bag like this one


  1. This is a fabulous idea! I need to do this! I like the budgeting bloggers too! I will have to see if I can get my hand in that one :)


  2. I'm excited to see how you "fill" these holes in your closet! I found a list online a while back of items every woman should own and I realized that I was missing quite a few! Of course, some aren't that practical with my lifestyle and job, but it did help me see how a few classic pieces might expand my wardrobe quite a bit! If you have a TJ Maxx or Marshall's nearby I highly suggest going there for some of these items since they probably won't bust your budget.

  3. You have inspired me to also make a Holes in my Closet page! You're the best. For reals. Love to see girls from the Midwest represent. :)

    Ashley @ The Preppy Runner

  4. I got so excited about this idea, that I've created my own list of holes I need to fill! I love lists..so this is definitely my type of thing. I'm definitely on a tight budget and this is a fantastic idea to get me into gear on what I actually need to buy, rather than just random stuff I like, which I know will definitely happen (let's be honest, lol).But this makes it much easier for me to skip over those things I don't really need, so I can get what I've really been wanting/needing.

  5. Hello dear! So I am thinking I totally need to do something like this for real. I hope it is okay I make a page like this ... of course giving you credit :) I just realized I'm still buying stuff I want, not need. And it sucks. I need to stop! For example... I have worn the same work pants twice this week because I only have two pairs and it is FREEZING out. Tights + skirts are no fun right now. Also, I own lots of pencil skirts, but not even a black pencil skirt!

    Thanks for always been so inspirational!

    1. Oh also... I know you rock at thrifting so I would definitely look for an awesome tweed jacket through thrifting! I found both of mine that way and I'm obsessed with them!

    2. Yes! I would love for you to do one too - it helps so much when I think about what I would like and what I want to buy. Can't wait to see what is on your list!

    3. Thanks Fran! I finally just published my page. I'm sure there is more I can add, but this is just a start!

  6. Just looking through your blog, and this is a GREAT idea! Keeping yourself on a strict list of what you actually NEED to buy is a fantastic way to keep yourself within budget! I need to get my own list going!

    perfectly priya

  7. Gap has a navy with thin white stripes, 3/4 sleeve shirt if you're still looking!


  8. Just checked out this list for the first time in forever...gotta mark off that trench, girl :)

  9. I love your blog! I've been a long time lurker on many blogs and finally felt inspired to start one of my own. I love this concept of filling in the holes in your closet. I'm hoping this systematic approach helps me build a wardrobe as versatile and fun as yours! Additionally I'm also a med student so a lot of your posts really resonate with me. Keep up the awesome work.

    heres my new blog: www.ShoppingTheList.blogspot.com

    1. I'm so glad you started one of your own! It'll be a great to hold yourself accountable, and really work towards having a versatile wardrobe that you actually like :)


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