Wednesday, December 5, 2012

layers, updated

Continuing with trying to master layering, I've been looking for another vest to add to my collection (that currently only has my cargo vest in it). I have a thicker North Vest puffer vest, but that's for outside wear and not for ya know, normal day-to-day wearing. I've tried on several at Forever 21, Old Navy and H&M, but all were still too puffy and had itty bitty pockets. I bit the bullet and finally ordered the J. Crew version during the last 30% off sale after admiring it online. I really like this vest. It's thin enough that I can still wear it under my lab coat, the pockets are large, and I like the double zipper.

...and of course I'm doing the tank-inbetween trick :)

Vest: J. Crew  {exact in pink on sale}
Sweater: Gap  {save / similar}
Blouse: J. Crew Factory  {save / exact}
Jeans: American Eagle  (exact on sale}
Necklace: Forever 21  {similar}
Shoes: Target  {save / splurge}
Watch: Target

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  1. 1. That necklace is gorgeous.
    2. I can definitely relate to the puffy vest thing. They're usually super thick which is fine if you're skiing but not so great for everyday life. =) This one looks great!

  2. Love this vest - amazing!! I'm loving all of your layers lately, too, and so glad the tank is working. I'm in desperate need of a few more oxford-like shirts for under sweaters...gonna have to stalk your shopping advice and see where you've gotten yours :)

  3. Love this outfit - I am loving all your layering lately. I am happy the tank is working for you because I just bought a couple at Target on your recommendation! :)

    1. I hope they work out for you Hannah!

  4. The "tank in between" trick is the best thing I've heard in a while

  5. I really like this vest - it looks great on you and really makes the outfit look cozy and wintery. =) I have that problem too where I have puffy vests that I can't really wear in the office, I'll have to look for a thinner quilted one like yours! =)

    Avec Amber

  6. Love that vest and I'm obsessed with layering! I wish it wasn't 80 degrees in TX so I could layer more :) I'm hosting a new link-up about bargains and shopping you should stop by and link-up this post!

  7. Love the j.crew vest! I have two of those super poofy vests that are suuuuper awesome when I'm cold (I even slept in them one winter when our furnace broke, it was like being wrapped in a goose down blanket) but not so awesome fashion-wise. This is a totally cute alternative :)

  8. So interesting - I've never heard of the layering over a button-up trick! That's a good one:) I hate that frumpy, blob look that sometimes happens with certain shirts.

  9. I recently got the same vest in the herringbone pattern - I never had a puffy vest before because I figure my arms would get cold, but these vest things really work out, they keep me nice and toasty!

    I adore this layered look of yours, especially with those cute loafers!

  10. you look super cute Fran! Love the pop of pink from your shoes too :)

    C's Evolution of Style

  11. I love necklace:))) and I like your look, you still look fantastic:)))...and your pink shoes makes this look little bit special:)))

  12. You have mastered the art of more trying:)))!

  13. I'm a new follower, thanks to Shanna! That tank-in-between trick is such a good idea! Thanks for sharing! Love the vest too, I've been eyeing the herringbone one but my size is sold out right now. ugh! Great look!!


  14. I'm a new follower from Shanna's blog and I have to agree that finding a perfect vest is a lot of work! This one is great because it doesn't look poofy :) Your necklace is so pretty! Great post!


  15. You are pretty good at layering already lady! :) On me, too many layers always look bulky and messy. I just can't get the hang of it! I saw this vest in the J.Crew gift guide and LOVE how they paired it with a thin glitter belt for a festive look :) x

  16. Your layers look superneat! That vest is also so pretty!

    x Angie ||

  17. Loving all your layering lately! This vest is so great, I love the navy too - totally goes with everything! Also, thank you thank you thank you again for the gorgeous bracelet (and so sorry that I've been MIA from commenting - things were crazy with travel! But be prepared, because I'm binge commenting now!) :)


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