Thursday, January 30, 2014

january budget

1. Gap Fit and Flare Dress: originally $70, on sale + Gap rewards:  $5 + $40 tailoring = $45
2. Loft Mini Blossom Blouse: $60
3. The Limited Dress: originally $80, on final sale for $12
4. Loft Ink Striped Teeoriginally $30 + BOGO 1/2 = $15
5. Madewell Terrace Dress: originally $128, on sale for $58
6. Limited Cardigan: originally $55, 50% off = $30

= $220

Quarterly Budget: $590 - $195 in November - $150 in December - $220 in January = $25 leftover

This was one of those months that I didn't realize what I had spent on clothing until I added it all up, and was actually surprised by how much I spent! I think one of the biggest disadvantages to my current shopping situation is that it's much harder to really shop sales and get the best deal because of a lack of close stores, and time. For the items I bought in store, I couldn't really wait for a sale because the mall was two hours away, so I end up paying a little more than I would usually. For example, with the Loft items, I would usually wait until they had a better in store promotion (at the time we were there, they had a buy one, get one half off promotion), but I knew we wouldn't be back any time soon, and I didn't want to risk the blossom blouse not being offered online. I guess that's a trade-off I have to work with though.

Overall, I feel I got some good deals and items that will get plenty of wear. I'm pretty excited about the dresses I purchased, and really see myself wearing them a lot (especially on days when I just want to throw something on for school).

This was my second quarterly budget since I've started budgeting this way. With around $500, I purchased:

3 sweaters
4 dresses
5 blouses
1 winter coat

I really like the way this method is working out - I can shop more when I have the time to, and then don't when I don't. It's also a lot easier to keep track of the money because it's all already in one account, and I just remove it for each purchase. There's not pulling money from different months or accounts to make up for it, so that really helps when trying to stay on track with keeping my financial state in order.

As far as sponsorship goes, I won a contest from back in the fall, and used some of the gift card to buy these boots (seen here). BaubleBar was also kind enough to send me this beautiful necklace (seen here), which is even prettier in person (P.S. have you seen their collection for Valentine's Day? It's super cute - this cuff is great for all year round, stacked with a watch or alone!)

On a side note, thank you for sticking with me the last few months! It's been pretty hard to blog lately with the crazy winter weather and the hours I've been putting into school, but I'm hoping that it will all get a bit easier with nicer weather and a more consistent schedule.

How'd the beginning of this year's budget start for you? Please link up below!


  1. That blossom blouse is so pretty on you! So glad you made the purchase, even though it impacted your overall budget! I feel you on winter blogging. #winteristheworst

  2. I really like all the pieces you've bought, but I am particularly envious of that Loft blossom blouse. Very cute and versatile!

  3. I get so excited to read a post from you! I am so intrigued by this quarterly/yearly budget thing because of all of the bloggers I like so much who use that budgeting method.

    I have the same Limited cardigan in emerald. Let's be twins one day? I bet it'd look cute if you tucked in the blouse from LOFT (#2 in the collage), belted some skinnies, and wore it with the red cardigan from The Limited. No? Maybe a good idea in theory but horrible combination in practice?

    I'm going to stop talking out of my butt now.

  4. Those dresses! I'm not even a big dress person but I love these, that Limited one especially!

  5. looking forward to seeing how the altered gap dress looks on you!

  6. At least having to pay more you know that you definitely love it! While deals are great, sometimes they definitely blind me when making purchasing choices.

  7. Being able to get a great deal on something is fine, but I'm all for paying a bit more to get something you know you'll get a lot of wear out of. I dig that Gap dress on you!

  8. I want to see that Gap dress tailored, STAT.

  9. In the past I would never have let myself bought something on a bogoho promotion, but giving it more thought now, I feel like it's not a real issue. Loving an item a lot trumps price. Also, I can't wait to see how the tailoring worked out!

  10. I pride myself on being a good bargain hunter, but you've definitely got me beat- even with the lack of close stores! You got some awesome deals, and you've inspired me to order that Gap dress in February with my GapCash. I absolutely love it on you in your IG picture. What tailoring did you have done? I can't wait to see how you style it!


  11. You got some great items this month. So happy to see you were able to get the Gap dress tailored.

  12. Those dresses are fabulous!! You did great and I can't wait to see the Gap dress before and after alterations!

  13. Those black boots are GORGEOUS. They look like Stuart Weitzman's 50 50 boots.

  14. I love those dresses you got! You really got them for great prices, too. Those boots are amazing!

  15. FRAN these dresses are amazing! I love the fit & flare from Gap and that Madwell dress is seriously cute. I think I need it! I really got to stop buying so many shoes haha. Anyway, sounds like you are being super successful with your quarterly budgets! Thank you, as always, for hosting this linkup! I always look forward to it.

  16. Oooh that Madewell dress looks awesome! I can't wait to see it on you!

    I really like the idea of having a "quarterly budget" - I have a monthly amount but it's set to "rollover," so anything I don't spend one month goes into the next. It works out well for me because I am not a big shopper - like you, some months I have time to shop and some months I do.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. I really love the pink striped shirt. And I'm super excited to be linking up for the first time!

  18. Loft is now having a 40% off sale everything!!! I called my store (since they gave me the WRONG SIZE for my poppy shirt) and they will refund me the difference since it's been less than 14 days! Hey, that's about $25 saving right there :) Or I bet you can just order it online and take back your other one! Regardless, you did excellent! Can't wait to see the tailored GAP dress and that Madewell dress! (swoon)

  19. I hear ya on the shopping in stores vs. stalking sales online, I would rather shop in store if I'm iffy about fit, but getting the best deal is saved for the web. And yes, those dresses are so key to looking put together in 2 seconds! Your quarterly budgeting is really working out.

  20. Have you heard of The Limited OUTLET?! I just found one! That dress you got is a steal, and you can find even more at an outlet! - J

  21. LOVE all the dress you got! I think you'll get a lot of use out of them!
    Jeans and a Teacup

  22. Hi Fran,
    I have been following your blog for sometime now and love. I am a teacher/ fashion lover and am just now starting my own blog. I have been inspired by your budget posts and decided to try my own. I would love any tips or advice you might offer-if you have time. I'd link up above, but don't know how to do so just yet. Many of the blogging related tasks are still eluding me as I start out. Anyways, just wanted to say hi and to share my blog. Here is my budget post for this month: Thanks again!
    Best Wishes,

  23. I think it's brilliant that all of your clothing money is in one account. I have a "splurge" savings account on CapitalOne 360 that I use for extra fabulous things, but it'd be easier to budget if I put all of my sartorial funds there.

  24. Love #1 and #5 Fran! Fit and Flare dresses are so flattering!

  25. Hi Fran, I am back posting my shopping each month. You got some great things and are an inspiration, I prefer shopping in stores by the way.

    So, check out what I bought and Happy 2014!! Hopefully it won't be too expensive for our pockets - shopping wise.

    Ada. =)

  26. I love all of the pieces you got! They're all classic pieces but each have something interesting about them. And you'll be able to mix and match galore! Great finds, Fran!

  27. I started writing my budget post but I just can't seem to finish it...ugh! You did a great job, and you still had $25 left over, nice!


  28. I completely love your new dresses. You do a great job of selecting dresses that work for your figure and your lifestyle :)


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