Friday, February 8, 2013

slip & slide

blazer, tee, gingham
First of all, thank you SO MUCH for all of your kind words yesterday - I am so excited!! To answer a few questions, I do intend to continue blogging as long as it still is fun for me. Medical school is a crazy time, and I always regret not documenting college better (other than lots of facebook albums haha) so I'm hoping to document this new chapter. There are many ladies out there blogging through med school/residency (find some here under Dr. Blogger) that have really inspired me so I hope to follow their lead.There will be lots of changes, of course - I'll need a somewhat different wardrobe (more skirts, less ripped jeans), I probably won't blog daily, I'll be wearing a white coat instead of a lab coat (just kidding, that'll pretty much be the same). I'll take it all one day at a time, but there are several more months until anything really changes.

Second of all, don't let what looks like a clear road here fool you. While there isn't any snow, the road was covered in some fun black ice. Which I didn't realize until I started sliding all over the place, which included accidently taking this:

Feel free to laugh because I laughed for about 5 minutes when I saw it on my camera.

blazer, tee, gingham!

gingham, tee, blazer
Blazer: J. Crew  {exact}
Tee: Forever 21*  {exact}
Gingham: J. Crew Factory  {very similar}
Jeans: Gap  {similar}
Boots: Frye  {exact}
Watch: gift from my Oma {similar}
Earrings: Tiffany & Co. {exact}

* Thank you to Audrey for finding this gem. It's actually a t-shirt but it worked so well for layering as long as I kept the blazer on - otherwise it looks kind of funny

wrap watch with blazer

ok so not the most innovative take one pass it on...but I loved it so much the first time I wanted to wear something similar!


  1. HAHAHAHAHHA! I cannot believe you captured the black ice picture! That is AWESOME! And this outfit is so perfect. The lace top and the gingham with the blazer...I need to rock this!

    Still so excited for your new adventure!


  2. I really love your style, i was going to comment and say that on the previous post, but somehow never had the chance, lol. But i love that shirt, but is it sequined or laced? my eyes are playing tricks on me!


  3. Risking you life for blogging - brave, girl!

    And congrats on med school - that is a BIG deal and we're all super-proud of you in blogdom!

  4. Congratulations! I missed yesterday's post as I was asleep, fantastic news!

  5. Congratulations again! And that slipping picture is adorable!! Love the idea of layering a lacy tee like that, so cute.


  6. I LOVE THIS! That t-shirt looks great layered and over the gingham shirt?! YES. Fantastic! And that picture made me laugh a little... stupid black ice!

    Again, I am so excited for you! In fact, I might have to bother you a few times... I am wanting to go back to school for something science related and met up with my friend in med school a couple weeks ago to see if he could help me figure it out. Well I still have no idea what I want to do with my life, but anyway... I look forward to reading about your journey and might have to ask some advice :)

  7. That picture is great, looks like you are ice surfing! I'm glad you didn't fall. I love the white lacy shirt super cute. The outfit on a whole is adorable and classy!

  8. Congrats on med school...that's amazing! I love the lace/lavender combo here. So pretty!

    The Glossy Life

  9. So exciting - and so glad you plan to keep some form of the blog while in school. I can't wait to follow you along your journey! As for this outfit, I love it. And your sliding picture looks so smooth!! Hilarious! I've wondered about layering with a t-shirt as long as I keep a blazer over it. I'm definitely going to try it now!

  10. Hooray! I'm so glad the lace tee worked out for you! And that sliding picture. Awesome.

  11. Haha, love the candid slipping pic, so perfect. The lacy top is so pretty too, and such a good idea to use it as a layering piece by just keeping a blazer on - never thought of that!

  12. in CA that's called surfing :P
    such an awesome way to layer - thanks for the inspiration!

  13. I've found that my pass it on items end up being worn in the same way... but oh well. You have to do what works and/or what you love, right?! (And hopefully those will be the same thing.)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  14. Ooh! the lace shirt! God, you're going to wear it a lot and then I'm going to regret that I didn't buy it as well :( PEER PRESSURE SHOPPING, STOPPIT.

    And that 2nd picture is HILAR. If you had included your feet it I would have loved to photoshop a surf board in, or a snowboard, or skateboard? hmmm all the possibilities. and I could also blur out your background, but not the magical portal between your legs (OOOH SOUND SO DIRTY), and make your arms look like jagged twigs (a la a certain barefoot blogger), and your skin look super blurred and soft-focused. IT WILL BE AWESOME.

  15. Congrats! Your outfit is so pretty, I love the layering and the colors, and gorgeous blazer!

  16. Love this outfit - I really need to get myself some tan boots, yours are making me hella jealous! x

  17. Haha your ice surfing picture made me laugh. The purple gingham shirt is such a great piece. I'm sorta jealous because I've been looking for a lace top. I tried on this exact one this past weekend but it didn't fit me right, boo. Looks great on you though!

  18. This is really cute! I love this take one challenge! I also just joined the Midwest bloggers group, if you get a minute, can you email me the code, so I can put the button on my page too? Thanks!

  19. Hahahaha! Awesome shot of you surfing on the ice :) I've had a white lacy tee on my shopping wish list for ages - that one is just perfect! I love how you layered it here.

  20. Love your boots! the pictures are fun. sometimes the best pictures come out of those unexpected moments. As always, nice and chic outfit.
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  21. Hey, at least you look graceful slipping and sliding, kinda like you are surfing! I love the layering in this outfit!

  22. Herzlische Gluckwunsch Frau Dr.! That is great news! I've really enjoyed following your blog and all the more when I found out you were German. My mother is German and all my family (sans her) live there. We just left in 2011 after living there for years and while I love where we live now, so miss it at times, especially Christkindl markets, sigh.... So it's fun living vicariously through your trips there. Next time you go, enjoy a piece of kuchen for me!

  23. Love the accidental surfer pose..... I am so looking forward to your med-school adventures . Do wear scrubs in the First year of med-school ?? In my country in first year (ANAT+ BC+ PHYSIO) we wear white lab coats over our regular (jeans n T shirt). We wear scrubs from 2nd year on-wards that too when we are in OT/ICU/NICU or Labour room.

    Hope you are looking forward to the Dissection Hall :P

  24. It didn't even occur to me that you might quit or slow down on blogging if school got too intense. Now I'm nervous. Don't leave us! DON'T! <3

    Also, I think you look most gorgeous in a blazer, lovely little lady details like your layered tops, jeans and boots. Hot stuff, m'lady. <3

  25. Congratulations about medical school that is great news :) You should defintely carry one blogging and documenting student life!! I love how you've layered in this out, so inventive.


  26. Love this layering! And ice surfing.

  27. stylish!


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